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Aaron Gibson
General Information
Name Aaron Gibson
Gender Male
Nationality American
Location Kennesaw, Georgia
Occupation Singer
Team(s) Team Miley
Season(s) Season 11
Placement Top 8 (7th/8th Place)
Chairs Turned

Aaron Gibson was a contestant on Season 11 of S11voice.png. He is infamous for being instantly saved three consecutive times, the third instance being a double elimination.

His audition of the R.E.M. song 'Losing My Religion' turned three chairs, and he ultimately chose to participate under the guidance of Team Miley. He advanced to the Top 20 Live Playoffs after defeating contestants Sa'Rayah and Josh Halverson (Both would ultimately be stolen onto Team Alicia after each respective battle). He fell into the Bottom 2 in the Top 12, where he would once again defeat Sa'Rayah through his performance of Ed Sheeran's 'Lego House' in the Instant Save. His experience throughout the Live Rounds would send him through three consecutive Instant Saves and winning each one, beating out fellow teammate Darby Walker, as well as an upset that eliminated Team Blake members Austin Allsup and Courtney Harrell in a double elimination that would leave Blake Shelton with eventual winner Sundance Head.

He was instantly eliminated alongside Brendan Fletcher in the Top 8, after both contestants received the least amount of votes in that week. He placed 2nd on Team Miley, beaten out only by Ali Caldwell, who would ultimately be eliminated in the Instant Save the same night, leaving Miley the only coach with zero contestants in the finale.

Before The Voice

"It wasn't until Aaron was 18 that he attempted his first open mic at the suggestion of his father. Afterward, Aaron did away with the shyness and started singing anywhere he could. Aaron got a business degree and joined the corporate world after graduation, but quickly jumped back on the open mic bandwagon and now performs regularly at bars and restaurants in Atlanta. Aaron also has a passion for giving back to the community and has volunteered as a counselor at a camp for kids with Tourette's syndrome called Camp Twitch and Shout for the past five years."

- [1]

Season 11

Blind Auditions

Aaron Gibson's audition aired in the 4th episode of the Blind Auditions. For his Blind Audition, Aaron chose to sing R.E.M's 'Losing My Religion'. His performance initially received no chair turns until a minute in, where Blake Shelton and Miley Cyrus would hit their buttons, with Alicia Keys hitting hers only a second later. His performance got Miley to give him a standing ovation after he was finished.

Blake was first to fight for Aaron, praising his rock sound and citing country duo Sugarland being from his hometown of Atlanta, before claiming that Alicia and Miley, more the latter, would try to win him over, but to stay strong and focus on his 'track record' on The Voice.

Alicia acknowledged and praised his soulful tone and how he transformed the classic song and shaped it to fit his style, "making it his own." She referred to her soulful background and explained that together, they could create masterful pieces of work.

Miley explained her amazement of his gravely voice and sound, citing she would listen to his music in her car. She would go on to state how if he picked her as his coach, she would have that knowledge of similar sounding music that he could perform. After twenty seconds of talking endlessly, Blake would ultimately interrupt Miley questioning when does she take time to breathe, which would cause Blake to pull out a loudspeaker and fight to talk over Miley as both also fought for Aaron on their teams, with Alicia, positioned in-between both of them, keeping quiet and sitting back to dodge the verbal onslaught, and Adam taking time to get some sleep.

Aaron would go on to pick Miley as his coach, becoming her 7th contestant.

The Battles

Aaron Gibson was paired with Sa'Rayah for the Battle Rounds. The song Miley chose for them was the Bobby Bland song "I'll Take Care Of You", a song Miley herself had performed on her Bangerz Tour in 2014. Both Aaron and Sa'Rayah were friendly with one another throughout the training prior to their battle. Aaron would ultimately win the battle and proceed to The Knockouts, however Sa'Rayah would be stolen by Alicia.

The Knockouts

Aaron was paired with Josh Halverson for The Knockouts. He chose to sing the Thomas Rhett song "Die A Happy Man", while Josh chose Chris Stapleton's "Whiskey And You". Their knockout was the final battle of the round to take place. Miley deemed Aaron the winner, granting him a spot in the Live Playoffs, however Josh, like Sa'Rayah, would too be stolen by Alicia.

The Live Playoffs

Aaron would choose to sing the Counting Crows song "Round Here" for The Live Playoffs. His performance would receive enough of the public vote to send him straight through to the Top 12.  

Top 12

Aaron performed the Father John Misty song "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings". He was not in the Top 10 contestants with the most votes from the public, placing him in the Bottom Two alongside former Team Miley contestant Sa'Rayah, of whom he previously defeated in the Battle Round. While Sa'Rayah performed the Aretha Franklin song "Rock Steady", Aaron chose to sing the Ed Sheeran song "Lego House". Aaron was instantly saved by the Public, once more defeating Sa'Rayah, and with no saves in the live rounds, eliminating her for good.

During the result show, Aaron also performed the Dolly Parton song "There'll Always Be Music", alongside coach Miley Cyrus, and teammates Ali Caldwell and Darby Walker.

Top 11

Aaron would once more find himself in the Bottom 2 after his performance of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt" did not receive enough votes, sending him into the Instant Save alongside fellow teammate Darby Walker. While Darby sang the Elton John song "Your Song", Aaron chose to sing the George Ezra song "Budapest". He would once again be instantly saved and earn the final spot in the Top 10, eliminating Darby in the process.

Top 10

With an impending double elimination, Aaron fought for a spot in the Top 8 by performing the Elton John song "Rocket Man". For the third straight time, however, Aaron would once more find himself in the Instant Save by not receiving enough votes, having to fight to stay in the competition against Team Blake members Austin Allsup and Courtney Harrell. Aaron performed the Bob Dylan song "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" to stay in the competition, and in an incredible upset, Aaron would be instantly saved for the third consecutive time, proceeding to the Top 8 and eliminating both Team Blake members from the competition.

Aaron also performed the Jennifer Nettles song "Circle of Love" during the results show, alongside the other Top 10 finalists, Jennifer Nettles herself, and Dolly Parton, who wrote the song.

Top 8

With only a week left before the finale, the competition was set to cut off half of the competition in one night. Three contestants would proceed immediately to the finale, two would be immediately eliminated with no second chance, and three would enter into an Instant Save, where one more would be saved.

For the Top 8, Aaron performed the Bryan Adams song "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You". He would ultimately be cut from the competition with no second chance, as he needed to rank at least 6th in voting to enter the Instant Save, alongside Team Adam's Brendan Fletcher.


Top 4

For the finale results episode, Team Alicia finalist Wé McDonald invited Aaron to perform the Kanye West song "Love Lockdown" with her, along with Darby Walker and Brendan Fletcher.


  • Aaron Gibson is the first contestant in The Voice history to ever be saved in three Instant Saves, and also the first to be saved in three consecutive Instant Saves.  
  • Aaron Gibson is the first contestant to defeat a contestant in the Instant Save that also defeated the same contestant earlier in competition.
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