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Ali Caldwell
General Information
Name Ali Caldwell
Gender Female
Nationality American
Location New York, New York
Occupation Singer/Performer
Team(s) Team Miley
Season(s) Season 11
Placement Top 8 (5th)
Chairs Turned

Ali Caldwell was a contestant on Season 11 of S11voice.png, and a member of Team Miley. Her blind audition of the Ariana Grande song "Dangerous Woman" turned all four chairs.

Known for her powerful vocals and stage presence, she was the front-runner to win for Team Miley throughout the season. After the competition reached its Top 12 stage, while her teammates found themselves on the bottom (Aaron most notably found himself in three consecutive Instant Saves and winning all three, while Darby was eliminated during the Top 11 after she and Aaron fell into the Bottom 2), Ali steered clear of the bottom week after week and lead the underdog charge for Team Miley's first ever season. Despite never receiving an iTunes multiplier for reaching the Top 10 in any week, Ali still managed to receive enough votes through other voting methods to secure her position late into the game.

During the Top 8 round, Ali received either the 4th, 5th, or 6th most votes in that week, and fell into the Instant Save. Performing for a spot in the Final 4, she, along with Christian Cuevas, did not receive enough votes and were sequentially eliminated, in favor of Josh Gallagher. Ali was the only one of the three competitors to not have earned an iTunes multiplier in that week.

Before The Voice

"Ali skipped college to join Xhale, a three-person R&B group. They opened for Boyz II Men and played for Patti LaBelle at her tribute concert. Although they met with several record labels, they couldn't get signed and called it quits in 2010. In 2014, Ali went to Russia and toured all over the country with a successful jazz musician named Oleg. Since then, she has been to Russia five times and performs more than 20 shows a year."


  • Ali Caldwell was the second contestant in Season 11 to receive a four-chair turn during their blind audition, the first being Dave Moisan.
  • Ali Caldwell was one of five contestants to not receive an iTunes multiplier in the Top 10 round, and one of two who later did not fall into the Bottom 3, the other being Josh Gallagher.
  • Ali Caldwell was the top placing contestant for Team Miley in Season 11, tying for 5th with Team Alicia's Christian Cuevas.