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Brendan Fletcher
General Information
Name Brendan Fletcher
Gender Male
Nationality American
Location Brooklyn, New York
Occupation Bartender
Team(s) Team Adam
Season(s) Season 11
Placement Top 8 (7th/8th place)
Chairs Turned

Brendan Fletcher was a contestant on Season 11 of S11voice.png, and a member of Team Adam. His blind audition of the Ray LaMontagne song "Jolene" turned three chairs.

Known for his rough, genuine deep sound, Brendan spent a majority of his season as an underdog favorite. Coach Adam Levine had strong belief in him, going as far as to make Brendan his coach's save during the Live Playoffs (also choosing him over early favorite Riley Elmore). Entering the live shows, Brendan's popularity began to thrive, peaking at the Top 10 when his cover of the Cyndi Lauper song "True Colors" charted at #2 on the iTunes Charts (behind eventual winner Sundance Head).

He was instantly eliminated alongside Aaron Gibson in the Top 8, after both contestants received the least amount of votes in that week.

Before The Voice

"Brendan joined his first band, Structured Chaos, with his older brother when he was 12. After college, Brendan performed every night that he wasn't working, which gave him the confidence to move to Brooklyn where there was more opportunity. Unfortunately, music hasn't been paying the bills, so Brendan bartends in Greenwich Village. Brendan and his brother formed Another Brother Band a year ago and just returned from an East Coast tour they booked and funded themselves."