Caroline Pennell
Caroline Pennell - S5
General Information
Name Caroline Pennell
Gender Female
Age 17
Team(s) CeeLo
Season(s) 5
Placement eliminated
Blind Audition song Anything Can Happen
Battles song As Long As You Love Me
Chairs Turned

Caroline Pennell was born in 1996 in Saddle River, New Jersey, to parents Bonnie and Keith, who married in 1990. Caroline has three siblings: Davis, Lucy, and Bailey.

Caroline currently has a boyfriend (Darn It!).

Caroline still currently resides in Saddle River, New Jersey.

Caroline Pennell is in a band with Jay Stolar, a resident of Livingston New Jersey, and tours with him. In 2014, they went on tour with James Wolpert, a fellow contestant of Season 5.

One The Voice:Edit

Caroline pennell was a contestant on the fifth season of The Voice. She turned the chairs of CeeLo Green and Blake Shelton. She chose to Ceelo Green who gave her the nickname "Sweet Caroline ". Later she said she "Wanted Ceelo from the beginning, and I was really hoping for it to be Ceelo, because comfort is a big thing for me, and I feel a really comforting presence around Ceelo, I just always wanted to hug him (laughs)". In the battle rounds she battled Anthony Paul , singing "As Long as You Love Me". It was a challenging song for both of them, because it was his kind of song, done in her kind of way of singing. Ceelo chose to save Caroline. Then in the knockout round, she faced George Horga Jr. singing "The Way I am ". It was dubbed as one of the best Voice songs ever, being the 1. downloaded song from the Knockout Rounds, and the 18th that season. It was the most obvious pick of the night when she and was again picked by Ceelo, to advance to the Live Rounds. In the Live Rounds, she sang "We Are Going To Be Friends" and was saved by America`s votes. In the top 12, she sang "Wake me Up ", and was the most voted for (not downloaded but voted) song, in Voice history. For that she was once again saved by America. In the top 10, she sang " Leaving on a plane jet " but unfortunately landed in the bottom 3. Right before America voted for the "Instant Save" system to pick one in the bottom three to move forward, Caroline and Tessanne Chin performed Lorde's Royals. Carson Daly said that it was the best non-competitive Voice performance in Voice history. Caroline was predicted the underdog in the bottom three, but after her performance Twitter blew up, with Caroline receiving 80% of the votes, and moved forward to the top 8. The next week, she sang "Dog Days are Over" despite her hesitance, CeeLo still had her sing it. She landed in the bottom three, but unfortunately along with Matthew Schuler, the chosen favorite from season and the obvious pick for moving forward, and Matthew Schuler, was picked to move forward, with Caroline Pennell was eliminated off the show. She has been one of the most well -loved in season 5 for her sweet voice.

While she was on the Voice she made close friends. She and Juhi define their relationship as best friends, while Caroline is very close with Jaquie Lee, and Jonny Gray. She also defines Matthew Schuler and James Wolpert as part of her little Voice Family.

Carolines EP:Edit

Caroline released her EP on December 1st. It received great praise from the public and critics. It currently has 4,000 downloads, as one of the most downloaded Voice alumni albums released after being on the show.

Tracks Artist Album Time
1. Nobody's Home Caroline Pennell The Race - EP 4:00
2. The Race Caroline Pennell The Race - EP 3:30
3. Tell Myself Caroline Pennell The Race - EP 3:22
4. Reaching Out Caroline Pennell The Race - EP 3:16
5. Mess Caroline Pennell The Race - EP 3:32