The Knockouts are typically the 3rd round in a season of The Voice. During this round, a coach must pair each of their remaining team members with another. Unlike the Battle Rounds, the contestants do not sing the same song against each other, instead singing individual songs of their choosing separately. At the end of both performances, the respective coach must choose which contestant they deem had the better performance. This contestant moves on to the Live Playoffs as a permanent member of that coach's team. The other contestant's time on the show is unfortunately over.

This, however, can be overturned if another coach uses their one steal on that losing contestant to save them from elimination and join their team instead.

Knockout Round Eliminations Edit

Season 11 Edit

Whitney & Shannon (vs. Kylie Rothfield)

Lauren Diaz (vs. Ali Caldwell)

Dave Moisan (vs. Simone Grundy)

Courtnie Ramirez (vs. Wé McDonald)

Bindi Liebowitz (vs. Courtney Harrell)

Ponciano Seaone (vs. Billy Gilman)

Gabe Broussard (vs. Austin Allsup)

Maye Thomas (vs. Darby Walker)

Nolan Neal (vs. Brendan Fletcher)

Michael Sanchez (vs. Sa'Rayah)

Karlee Metzger (vs. Dana Harper)

Josette Diaz (vs. Sophia Urista)

Steals: Edit

Josh Gallagher (Team Blake ---> Team Adam)

Jason Warrior (Team Adam ---> Team Blake)

Belle Jewel (Team Alicia ---> Team Miley)

Josh Halverson (Team Miley ---> Team Alicia)

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