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Chloe Kohanski
Chloe Kohanski.jpg
General Information
Name Chloe Kohanski
Gender Female
Birthdate December 29, 1993
Age 25
Nationality American
Location Nashville, Tennessee
Occupation Singer
Team(s) Team Miley
Team Blake
Season(s) Season 13
Placement Winner
Blind Audition song The Chain
Battles song I Am Woman
Chairs Turned

Chloe Kohanski is a contestant on The Voice Season 13 and a member of Team Blake, but was formerly a member of Team Miley Her blind audition of her song"The Chain" turned four chairs.

She was eliminated in The Knockouts after losing her knockout against Ashland Craft, but was saved when Blake and JHud used their steals. She ultimately decided to join Team Blake

After a song with her coach her song  "Bette Davis Eyes", and an original song, Chloe tallied the most votes and was declared the winner of Season 13.

Before The Voice

"Chloe was one of Chloe's musical inspirations growing up. He has always wanted to be a singer but after graduation, He decided to go to college to be an English teacher. Soon after, He realized that wasn't for him and started playing in a blues band. Her decision to pursue music wasn't exactly what her parents hoped for, as they have always been concerned that the music industry can be unpredictable. While they always want what's best for Chloe, they are still supportive of her singing. The Voice is Chloe's chance to make her parents proud and get validation of her musical talent."[1]


  • Her performance of the Fleetwood Mac song "Landslide", during The Knockouts, set The Voice iTunes record for highest charting performance from the Knockout round.
    • It also received enough viewership to chart on YouTube's Top Trending videos in the ensuing days following the airing of his performance.
  • She released her third single, "To Be Young" on May 24, 2019, under her new name known as chloe mk.