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Karli Webster
Karli Webster.jpg
General Information
Name Karli Webster
Born November 12, 1996
Died {{{died}}}
Gender Female
Age 20
Nationality American
Location Santa Clarita, California
Occupation Singer
Team(s) Team Miley
Season(s) Season 13
Placement Live Playoffs
Chairs Turned

Karli Webster is a contestant on The Voice Season 13 and a member of Team Miley. Her blind audition of the Carly Simon song "You're So Vain" turned two chairs.

She was eliminated in The Knockouts after losing her battle against Janice Freeman.

Karli was brought back as the Coach's Comeback for Team Miley. She was eliminated once again in The Playoffs alongside Adam Pearce and Moriah Formica after she was not chosen to progress to the Live Shows by her coach.

Before The Voice

"When Karli was only three years old, her father put her in piano lessons and over the years she became an accomplished pianist, winning eight state-level competitions. Karli's mom raised her on '70s music, including Carly Simon and Stevie Nicks, which helped inspire the musician Karli is today. After high school, Karli wanted to pursue music full time, so she decided to apply to the University of Southern California. After submitting a video reel and being tested on music theory, Karli was granted a full scholarship to the prestigious Thornton School of Music, where she takes music theory classes as well as regular college courses. As much as she loves the diverse set of music classes, she is ready to learn from the best coaches in the business."

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