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Kathrina Feigh
Kathrina Feigh.jpg
General Information
Name Kathrina Feigh
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Gender Female
Age 24
Nationality Filipino
Location Brooklyn, New York
Occupation Performer
Team(s) Team Jennifer
Team Blake
Season(s) Season 13
Placement Knockouts
Chairs Turned

Kathrina Feigh is a contestant on The Voice Season 13 and a member of Team Blake, but was formerly a member of Team Jennifer. Her blind audition of the Jessie J song "Big White Room" turned two chairs.

She was eliminated in the Battle Rounds after losing her battle against Chris Weaver, but was stolen onto Team Blake.

She was eliminated for good in The Knockouts after she lost her knockout against Keisha Renee.

Before The Voice

"Born in the Philippines, Kathrina and her family moved to Los Angeles when she was nine years old. It was a huge culture shock for Kathrina, and she had a hard time understanding English. Music not only helped her cope, but also helped her learn a new language. In high school, she joined the drama club and from that moment on was hooked on performing. She continued performing in plays all throughout high school, and when it was time for college, decided to pursue a degree in musical theater instead of becoming a pharmacist like her parents envisioned. Today her parents are two of her biggest supporters out there and with a chair turn, Kathrina is hoping to show them that their American dream is coming true."