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Sam Behymer
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General Information
Name Sam Behymer
Gender Female
Age 25
Hometown Morgan Mill, Texas
Occupation Nanny
Team(s) Adam
Season(s) 6
Chairs Turned

Sam Behymer is a singer from Morgan Mill, Texas who was a contestant on season six of The Voice.


Sam, a Texas native, always felt out of place growing up until she moved to California and found other artists like her. She is a Pepperdine graduate and a full-time nanny, living in Los Angeles. With her new zip code and confidence, Sam is stepping into the spotlight in the hopes of making it on The Voice.

The Voice

Full-time nanny Sam Behymer auditioned for The Voice with "Royals" by Lorde. She managed to turn Adam and Usher's chairs, and was called a "breath of fresh air". Usher complimented her unique and quirky tone, but she ultimately chose Adam for his eagerness to help her. For the first Battle Rounds, Sam was paired against Cary Laine to perform Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love". Shakira enjoyed her performance, as did Adam for he chose Sam to advance. In the second Battle Rounds, Sam was up against Christina Grimmie, singing OneRepublic's "Counting Stars". Blake noted her finesse and dramatic vocal approach, but Shakira feared that Sam hadn't yet "found her style". In the end, Adam chose Christina to advance to the Playoffs, eliminated Sam.


Stage Song Original Artist Result
Blind Audition "Royals" Lorde 2-chair turn
Joined Team Adam
Battle Rounds 1 "Give Me Love" (vs. Cary Laine) Ed Sheeran Saved by coach
Battle Rounds 2 "Counting Stars" (vs. Christina Grimmie) OneRepublic Defeated

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