Season 11
Aired September 19 - December 13, 2016
Host Carson Daly
Judges Adam Levine
Miley Cyrus
Alicia Keys
Blake Shelton
Sundance Head
Song "Darlin' Don't Go"
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Season 11 was the eleventh season of The Voice US. This season was the first season to feature newcomers Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus as coaches, replacing Pharrell Williams and Season 10 winning coach Christina Aguilera.

This season was won by Sundance Head of Team Blake, with former child country star Billy Gilman being the runner-up, from Team Adam.


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Knockout Rounds

Live Playoffs

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  • Note: Names without pictures are contestants who do not have a page created yet. Italicized names are stolen contestants (names struck through and faded pictures are former teams).
Coaches Top 48 artists
Adam Levine
Billy-Gilman Josh-Gallagher Brendan-Fletcher Riley-Elmore Simone-Grundy Nolan-Neal-S11
Ponciano-Seoane Jason-Warrior-Stolen Dave-Moisan Bindi Liebowitz Johnny-Rez Jsoul
Elia Esparza Andrew-DeMuro Natasha-Bure
Miley Cyrus
Ali-Caldwell Aaron-Gibson Darby-Walker Belle-Jewel Sophia Urista Josh Halverson
Josette Diaz Maye-Thomas Lauren Diaz Sarayah-Stolen Karlee Metzger Courtnie Ramirez
Khaliya Kimberlie Charity Bowden Lane-Mack
Alicia Keys
Wé-McDonald Christian-Cuevas Sarayah Josh Halverson Kylie Rothfield Belle-Jewel-Stolen
Michael-Sanchez Courtnie Ramirez Whitney-&-Shannon Josh Halverson Dave-Moisan-Stolen Lauren Diaz
Jason-Warrior-Stolen Gabriel Violett Halle-Tomlinson
Blake Shelton
Sundance-Head Austin-Allsup Courtney-Harrell Dana Harper Jason-Warrior Josh-Gallagher-Stolen
Karlee Metzger Gabe-Broussard Bindi Liebowitz Preston James Christian-Fermin Tarra Layne
Blaine-Long Ethan-Tucker Dan-Shafer
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