Shi'Ann Jones
Shi'Ann Jones
General Information
Name Shi'Ann Jones
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Gender Female
Age 15
Nationality American
Location Bowling Green, Kentucky
Occupation Singer
Team(s) Team Jennifer
Season(s) Season 13
Placement Presumptive 10th Place
Chairs Turned

Shi'Ann Jones is a contestant on the thirteenth season of S11voice and a member of Team Jennifer. She elected to join Jennifer's team after turning two chairs and advanced to the Top 12 under her coaching.

She was known for her shyness, and many felt that she overembellished her songs during her time on the show. She was nevertheless praised for her powerful voice and was deemed the most improved of the season by coaches.

After many weeks with poor iTunes sales, Shi'Ann did not receive enough votes to advance to the semifinals, and fell into the Bottom 3 Instant Save alongside Ashland Craft and fellow Team Jennifer member Davon Fleming, where she did not receive enough votes to be saved, in favor of Davon.

Before The Voice

"Shi'Ann is one of nine siblings, so it was always hard to stand out in her family. The big singer in her family was her father, Ricky. He was a gospel singer and would travel to different churches to sing. When she was little, Shi'Ann's dad would teach her music scales. By the time she was four, she was singing around the house. At age seven, she started singing in church with her dad and eventually he set up a PA system in the living room where they would practice together trying to out-riff each other. When Shi'Ann was eight, her father signed her up for her first talent contest, and she started singing at all the soccer and football games in town. In 2015, with the help of her mom, Shi'Ann started to find ways to perform outside of Kentucky. They recorded a video of her performing the national anthem and sent it to every NBA team in the country. The Utah Jazz ended up calling her and she flew out to Utah to perform before a game. Even though she is only 15, she realizes she needs a show such as The Voice to finally make her dreams come true."


Season 13

The Blind Auditions

Shi'Ann auditioned in Episode 1 with Ray Charles's song "Drown in My Own Tears". Jennifer turned her chair after nine seconds and Blake turned after sixty-two seconds, despite Jennifer yelling at the other coaches not to turn. Adam claimed that he would have turned had Jennifer not threatened him, and Miley agreed. In her pitch, Jennifer likened Shi'Ann to "a daughter that could sing like a mini-me", prompting Shi'Ann to choose her as a coach.

The Battles

Shi'Ann was paired with Stephan Marcellus for her Battle Round, singing "Oh, Darling!" by the Beatles. Initially nervous, Shi'Ann confessed that she had never had a vocal lesson (advisor Kelly Rowland dubbed her "Shy'Ann"). Both Kelly and Jennifer were blown away, however, when she started singing. After their performance for all the coaches, both Jennifer and Miley gave standing ovations. While both Adam and Miley had nice things to say, they admitted that they would like to see Stephan win the battle. Blake, however, told Jennifer that he thought that Shi'Ann could win the show. Although Jennifer said that the decision between the two was "crushing her heart", she eventually chose to advance Shi'Ann to the Knockouts.

The Knockouts

Shi'Ann was paired with Lucas Holiday in the Knockout rounds, for which she chose "Who's Lovin' You" by the Jackson 5. In rehearsal, Kelly Clarkson was immediately concerned with the number of runs Shi'Ann was singing interfering with the original melody coming through. Shi'Ann toned this down significantly for the performance, impressing Jennifer immensely. After the coaches' comments, Jennifer announced that Shi'Ann had won the Knockout.

The Playoffs

For her playoff, Shi'Ann chose to sing "Tattooed Heart" by Ariana Grande. She worked on cleaning up her runs. After a stellar performance, Jennifer chose to advance her third to the Lives.

Top 12

Entering the Live Shows, Shi'Ann chose to sing Mariah Carey's 1990 single "Vision of Love", and was the third to perform that evening. The next evening, it was announced that Shi'Ann had received enough votes to proceed in the competition.

Shi'Ann also took part in singing the Beatles' "Let It Be", alongside her coach, and teammates Davon Fleming and Noah Mac, and she took part in the Top 12's collaboration with the cast of Pitch Perfect 3, singing "Freedom! '90" and "Cups".

Top 11

For the Top 11 round, Shi'Ann chose to sing Beyoncé's 2007 hit "Listen" from the motion picture Dreamgirls, and once again performed third. All four coaches gave her a standing ovation, and were all estatic when commenting on her performance.

Shi'Ann once again charted low on iTunes, this time breaking the Top 100, but was once more declared safe the next evening, and proceeded to the Top 10.

Top 10

For the Top 10 round, Shi'Ann opted to sing Rihanna's 2012 mega-hit "Diamonds", and was the fourth to perform.

The following evening, it was announced that Shi'Ann had fallen into the Bottom 3 alongside Team Miley's Ashland Craft and teammate Davon Fleming. For her Instant Save performance, Shi'Ann chose to sing the Etta James classic "At Last". Before the result was announced, a television graphic revealed that Shi'Ann had only 16% of the online vote, the least of the three contestants at risk. Shi'Ann was declared to have not received the most votes, eliminating her and Ashland from the competition.


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